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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 19, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops here. we are definitely look out for you. several big stories breaking now on "the kelly file." is the show "duck dynasty" ending? what the cast just signalled. and a christmas surprise from the obama administration on obamacare. we'll tell you about the dramatic the 11th hour hail mary pass they just landed. welcome the to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. also tonight -- big news breaking tonight in the case of major with jason brezel, the marine who may lose his career after trying to save lives on a base in afghanistan. we have a verdict in the case. plus -- >> health care, obamacare is a good thing. >> the new health care push by michelle obama. wait until you see what she told
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al sharpton today. 40 million holiday shoppers may be getting ripped off at this moment. new warnings about one of the biggest computer hacks in history. breaking tonight, big news in a major 11th hour change -- yet another one -- to obamacare. in what's looking like a last ditch white house effort for health care coverage for some of the millions of americans who have been booted off of the plans they had and liked thanks to the president's law. with four days to go now until the deadline to enroll for obamacare coverage, we are talking monday. you don't enroll by monday you don't have coverage in the new year. news leaked about how the administration has decided to urge insurers to sell bare bones catastrophic plans to the pool of nearly 6 million americans who lost insurance under obamacare -- something they were t not supposed to be allowed to
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do. catastrophic plans that the 6 million people didn't want but now may need to buy, thanks to being kicked off of their plans. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry live in washington with the breaking news. tell us. >> reporter: it's a huge story. for days the administration has been saying, look, we are fixing the website. we messed it up. we are turning the corner. january 1st people will be covered. now they are making the last minute tweak that suggests maybe it's not all there. we have confirmed that secretary sebelius late today told congressional leaders in a letter they were going to expand the definition of hardship for someone to apply for one of the catastrophic plans you mentioned. important because the plans are bare bones. they don't meet the minimum standards of the affordable care act, the maternity coverage, all the things they have been touting you have to have. you no longer have to have it under the plan. the administration says it is just a last minute tweak.
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they are down playing it. this is a statement from jo ann peter. this is a common sense clarification for the limited number of consumers whose plans have been cancelled and are seeking coverage. this is an option oh for them. they are telling me inside the white house there is only 500,000 people that will be affected. the rest of the people got cancellation notices and can get new plans. the insurance industry is telling a different story. they say this will cause more chaos. we have a statement from america's health insurance plans. this type of last-minute change will cause tremendous instability in the marketplace and lead to further confusion and disruption for consumers. lastly the timing. why tonight and not tomorrow? friday night news dump. tomorrow the president is going to hawaii. wouldn't have been a good image to do this before he gets on the plane. >> we spoke with an insurance
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industry executive recently this evening. he said, quote, this looks like an administration in panic mode. he went on to talk about what an administrative nightmare it will be. it doesn't end there. we'll have more later. we want to get to this. also blaeking a major development in the controversy involving "duck dynasty." phil robertson is on indefinite hiatus thanks to comments made to gq magazine. now the family is weighing in about the future of the tv show. the family saying in part, we have had a successful working relationship with a & e. as a family we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm. we are in discussions with a & e to see what that means for the
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future of "duck dynasty." robertson was quote ed calling homosexuality sinful. gay rights advocates are outraged. there were more comments but robson and the show have plen the ti of defenders. we begin with jeremy hooper. special projects consultant for g.l.a.d. they have publically addressed the controversy. we'll have tony perkins on in a minute. >> great to be here. >> i will ask tony perkins the same question. why can't those who believe -- i will ask the other way. why can want those who think homosexuality is a sin say so. >> they cannot do so in a sack yoom. this is not an issue of free speech. defenders of phil robertson want free dom from consequence. if i were to say shg to you completely outlandish g.l.a.d. would not allow me on your air
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again. if you were to say something outlandish fox news may put you on hiatus. we have to answer to our employer. >> let's get specific. with all due respect to the viewers at home. g.l.a.d. said his lies and he decided to push vile and extreme stereotypes. get specific about it. >> please hide your children's ears. he said that someone like me is equivalent of someone who has sexual intercourse with animals. >> let me show the viewers. gq asked what is sinful. he said start with homosexual behavior and morph out from there. beast yal ti, sleeping around with this woman and that man. some say he's saying what's sinful and he gave a mentioned .
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let me say his defenders are the same people who traffic in the most anti-lgbt rhetoric around. you will have tony per can i bes here. he's said some of the most vile things about people like me. >> what specifically? >> he's compared gays to terrorists. said gay people face eternal damnation and defended the uganda law. denies he did it. i have the audio which i will provide you if you ask for it. we have a project we call the commentator accountability project. we say if you are going to book tony perkins hold him to account. that's something -- >> you know what his defenders will say and what phil's defenders say. that this is a christian belief. i'm not saying he linked it. we'll let the viewers decide. on the terrorist thing let's show the suers what he say. there is a question about what he meant there.
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we never judge someone on who is going to heaven or hell. we love them. give them the good news about jesus. whether they are homosexuals, drunks, terrorists, we let got sort them out later. so some say that's linking, others say it's a link. >> one of the defenders is the westboro baptist church. they are vocally supporting him. >> okay. forget them. >> i would love to. they didn't forget phil robertson. >> you know there are a lot of people in the country -- half of the people in the country say homosexuality is a sin and many don't. many people feel it is a sin. they say he is expressing -- albeit in controversial terms -- what i feel. >> we over looked the racist element. it's arguably more compelling.
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i question the poll. we see the majority support is trending to equality. >> he could have said he's against marriage equality. if you want to stand with with phil robert son you are not standing with free speech. you are standing with anti-gay comments. you can do that but these are dangerous sh hurtful comments also straight allies and people like myself. i have a 2-month-year-old daughter. by me appearing on your show she may find these comments some day and see that this happened in o 2013. >> directed at gas and lesbians. >> exactly. >> we'll move on to tony from the family research council. from a christian world view. good to see you. let me give you the floor. you heard what jeremy had to say. >> well, megyn, look.
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this issue is about reality tv. you have to question a & e. if they didn't want the robertson family to talk about who they are, what they believe and why they believe it they didn't want reality tv. i would encourage people before they jump to conclusions and i appreciate you putting the quotes on the screen. but before they believe the organization of g.l.a.d. that traffics in lice and distortions they should read it for themselves. the writer did a good job capturing the robertson family. i laughed at it. i think he was coming from a different perspective. he did a fair job capturing the essence of who they are. >> let me ask you the same question i asked jeremy. why can't those who are gays or lesbians or who support them voice objection to this kind of talk and argue against viewpoint and, as happened here, ask others like a & e and sponsors to reject it? >> they have every right to do
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that. that's what we would argue for, that we have a fair and free debate. notice what glad did. they called for the head of phil robertson on a platter. they didn't want someone able to speak to this. when you are in a fight you go after the biggest guy, tie to knock him out so the others run. glad goes after people with with platforms who will talk about natural marriage or biblical morality and tie to knock them out and silence them to intimidate others. jeremy was talking about glad and their mission. last year they gave one of the highest awards to a guy named dan savage who attacked everybody from the pope to schoolgirls. he traffics in some of the most vile conversations. they are recognizing him with awards. they are not about conversation. they are about demon yiezing and marginalizing people who hold traditional moral views. >> how do we get past it?
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there was a way for phil to say thisful i believe in the bible. i think the bible objects to homosexuality so i don't believe in that. that's my belief. you don't hear g.l.a.d. coming out and starting fires when people talk like that. the way he put it and though i agree with you. he didn't link homosexuality and terrorists or beastiality but it was close. the argument on the other side is there is an implicit t linkage. you heard jeremy say i don't want my daughter reading that thinking, oh, my god, my dad's lifestyle is the same as beastiality? >> you have people involved in adultery demanding phil be fired. sexual immorality is immoral whether it is homosexual, heterosexual relations outside of marriage. that was the point he made when he quoted scripture.
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the reason is show is popular is they are real. they have a set of values grounded in scripture which many people subscribe to. in fact, they long for people who won't be choked back by political correctness but speak freely. we are seeing a growing move ment because over the last couple of weeks we have had christian bakers forced to participate in same sex ceremonies, photographers, the same thing. i think people are tired of bullying taking place by organizations like glad. they don't mind them putting the viewpoint out there. quit trying to silence those who hold to a natural view of marriage and traditional morality. >> boy, we are a long way from resolving this. that's one thing that's clear. thank you for being here. >> merry christmas to you. the "duck dynasty" debate
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doesn't end there. louisiana governor bobby jindal will join us for a "the kelly file" exclusive on the fallout from his decision to defend phil robertson. plus a dramatic decision in the case of major jason brezler. we have been telling you about the marine who may lose his career because of his attempt to head off an attack that led to the murder of three other marines. the verdict is in. breaking news after the break.
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we have breaking news in the case of major jason brezler, a marine who got in trouble when they broke the rules in an attempt to save the lives of his fellow marines. our fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine explains. >> tonight fox news reaching his defense team. they are assessing the board's decision. the alleged pedophile broke the rules because brezler used his yahoo! account and admitted the
9:18 pm
error. the board rejecting the the claims found about the data on his hard drive that was part of his file for his replacement and he didn't know it was owe akerding to a ifd. according to a source familiar with the findings they do not address the murder of three marines the failure to act on brezler's warning nor the do they address unlawful command influence allegations that going after brezler shields the son-in-law of a senior marine officer. tonight a former military judge telling fox news a letter of reprimand in the file was probably enough given the circumstances of the case and his strong record of service. megyn? >> thank you. joining me with with more, michael grim, one of the lawmakers who wrote a letter of support objecting to the prosecution. so now he hasn't been dishonorably discharged which was the worst result. he was kicked out of the marines which his attorneys were in shock they went this way. >> it should have been handled with a letter of reprimand but he self-reported.
9:19 pm
we are losing a dedicated marine. >> he's the one guy who tried to warn him about the guy. his warning was right. >> no good deed goes unpunished. this good marine and the united states are being punished. in the marine corps, part of the code of conduct is that you self-report. if you do something wrong you stand on the carpet. >> he said, i have my documents, i sent it unsecured. i have to tell them. >> what kind of message is it now? if you stand up and do the right thing and self-report you could be kicked out of the corps. it's not a good precedent for the marines and not good outcome for the united states of america. we need every good man we can have. we say a few good men. we are losing a great marine. >> we fired him as the result of this. brezler was fired for using a personal e-mail account and supposedly having documents on the home computer which he never
9:20 pm
accessed. they weren't making a big deal. it was a technical any tall call ti. now can he appeal this, do anything to stop it? usually once this is done it's hard to appeal. >> it is very difficult. i don't think an appeal would go anywhere. his service to our country will end here. he'll have to continue with rescue 2, one of the best squads in the fdny. >> firefighter. >> he's a hero and will continue to be a hero. we are lucky to have him. this is unfortunate, not just for the corps and the predent but we are losing a great marine. at the end of the day we should ask questions about why the marines are dead. they were murdered. >> good to see you. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> a shocking charge from a federal judge who says this
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country is encouraging human smug lers on the southern border. watch this and listen to what this judge had to say. next. ♪
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>> announcer: from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. first on "the kelly file" a federal judge hit the obama administration with a blistering opinion. claiming the department of homeland security is encouraging human smugglers along the southern border. we spoke with a film maker who documented how children are dying all the time in the hands of people they call coyotes. >> here it is.
9:25 pm
mexiboot company. >> what size is that? >> they bring a lot of kids in through here. >> why would they die that far from the border? they are trying to outrun mafio them with speed to keep up. so they overexert themselves and drop. >> david michael lynch has been investigating border issues including human and drug trafficking for over three years. this judge, andrew scott hannon, a george h.w. bush appointee, spared no mercy saying what's happening is illegal immigrants in the country send for their children to come across the border, cartels try to get them across the border and we arrest the person bringing them and the administration is finishing the delivery by bringing the children to their parents. you could see, okay, they have been reunited but this judge
9:26 pm
said if dhs participates they are partly responsible they can seriously jeopardize the safety of children. a private citizen would be and should be prosecuted for this conduct. >> when that kield is delivered the phone call goes back to whatever country. guess what. you can come now. the word gets out. >> you're finishing the job. are they coconspirators? nobody understands how many children are coming across the border. it's alarming. when they come over the border they are brought to drop houses where bad things are going on. these children are being raped, beaten. they are held for additional ransom. in this case, the mom sent out
9:27 pm
$6,000. when they come across, almost thank god they caught them. the child would be put in house and held until another $4,000 or $5,000 is sent. $60,000 kids caught. this judge said he had four instances in so many weeks with stories like this. >> we have to discourage it. we want what's best for the children. what's best is to discourage putting them in the hands of dangerous people who want to hurt them. >> it has to stop. comprehensive immigration reform. comprehensive health care. no. we need comprehensive common sense. that's not happening. what happens here is you have the government encouraging criminal behavior. we are with actually encouraging it to happen. >> that's what the judge said. he said the government here is not only allowing illegal immigrants in the u.s. to fund the evil activities of the drug
9:28 pm
cartels but is inspiring them to do so. >> this story is going to spark more and more people coming across. every time a story goeses out with the word amnesty or pathway or in this case the child was delivered, which by the way i'm sure the child is starting school tomorrow. we are paying for that as well if you want to put a cost to this. this is incredibly insane. it's insane from all ends. it can be stopped. you know what? we're chasing people in the desert, trying to stop people from trading kids. we are not going at the source. all criminal enterprises need to be stopped at the source. that's the drug cartels. >> this judge had it. he said it's dhs's policy and it needs to stop. it's good to see you.
9:29 pm
merry christmas. >> likewise. merry christmas to you. >> coming up, the last ditch effort to get health care coverage. it's a christmas surprise from the station on obamacare. plus, more than 40 million holiday shoppers could be getting ripped off right now. new fallout from a hacker scam and what you need to know. new details on the "duck dynasty" controversy and the show may possibly not go on. the governor of louisiana weighs in right after the break. >> no shoes, no socks, no problem. everybody happy, happy, happy. e♪ there's still time for great deals on great gifts at bass pro shops and like redhead sherpa lined buffalo flannel shirts
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more now on one of the top stories tonight that's just braking. a last ditch white house effort to get health care coverage for some of the millions of americans kicked off their
9:33 pm
insurance plans thanks to obamacare. news leaking just hours ago that this administration will now urge insurers to offer bare bones catastrophic coverage to some of the millions who have been booted off of their plans. the in coming opinion editor for and senior fellow from the manhattan institute. explain what they are doing. >> they are offering an exemptions from obamacare for every american who has had their plan cancelled. >> those people -- what? now that they got kicked off. they don't have insurance. they have been trying to go on health what are their options now is this. >> the white house is now issued a blog post. administration by blog post. they have said if you believe the marketplace option in your area is unaffordable you can apply for the exemptions and then sign up for an obamacare sponsored catastrophic plan. there is a lot of key elements of that. the first is if you believe the plan in your area is unaffordable. this is the first time the administration is admitting a
9:34 pm
lot of plans offered under obamacare are unaffordable. they claim they are affordable. it is the affordable care act. the second thing is the so-called catastrophic plans that will be narrow and have limited benefits are very expensive. so the manhattan institute analysis shows the catastrophic plans aren't that much cheaper and are sometimes more expensive than the bronze level regular exchange plans. >> why would you want that? >> a lot of people won't. it won't be that helpful to most people. >> you weren't supposed to get catastrophic plans unless you were young. now it's whatever your age is and your income also matters. now they say whatever your age is. just tell us what your income is and we'll trust you. >> you have to be under 30 -- ordinarily you have to be under the age of 30 to qualify for the catastrophic plans. the subsidies do not flow to the catastrophic plans.
9:35 pm
the plans in the area are more expensive than the catastrophic plans. >> they say anybody can self-determine in a hardship situation. you're in a hardship situation and you can get one of the plans now and that's a self-report. >> you determine if you are in a hardship situation. >> they are trying to dodge news reports and a massive ground swell of people saying i lost my plan thanks to obamacare. now i have no coverage. i have a catastrophic situation uncovered thanks to the law. will it work? >> though. the catastrophic plans are actually comparable in price. people won't save money. the people who find plans unaffordable will find catastrophic plans unaffordable also. they have to cover pregnancy and maternity and other things.
9:36 pm
>> also the risk pools assumed there would be healthy people in it. they have taken all the people on this catastrophic people out of the risk pools again, hurting the risk pool for the insurance company which we may say who cares about the insurance company, but it undermine it is law. it increases the prices for everybody now this the banl system. >> the insurers are exasperated, going nuts because of that. if people exit the regular obamacare pool into a catastrophic pool, sicker people will be in the obamacare pool meaning premiums will be expensive. they haven't priced them that way. they priced them with the assumption everybody will be in them. they will lose a lot of money. >> good to see you. also developing tonight new fallout from the news that 40 million shoppers may have been targeted by hackers during the
9:37 pm
shopping season. already people complaining about accounts. trace gallagher has more. >> the 40 million customers are the ones who went into target stores, not the ones who shopped online. what happened is the hackers went after the terminals themselves which is where you go up to the register. that's where you swipe your card. if you shopped and used plastic at target you could be affected. they got customer names, card numbers, expiration dates and that three-digit security number ton back of the card so they can use the information to create a copy of your credit card so this is far from over. will be. >> the fact that the data is out there could lead to something
9:38 pm
six months, two years from now. they have to be aware of what's going on with their credit. >> target is working with outside forensic teams and the feds to track down the hackers. in the meantime, make sure you check your statements for charges that you do not recognize and check the amounts. they will try to sneak in small amounts. if something is off, call your bank or target. let them know that you need new credit cards and at least experts say to change your pass words. your pin number on the card. >> you have to check every line. trace, good to see you. more developments breaking in the "duck dynasty" drama as the robertson family weighs in on the future of their show tonight. we will speak live with louisiana governor. the show is in louisiana.
9:39 pm
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breaking tonight in the "duck dynasty" debate. the robertson family released this statement, quote, we have had a successful working relationship with with a & e but as a family we cannot imagine
9:43 pm
the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm. we are in discussions with a & e to see what it means for the future of "duck dynasty." a huge, huge show. my next guest got a lot of attention for defending phil robertson. we welcome louisiana governor bobby jindal. great to see you. let me get you on the record on your feelings about this controversy and phil's suspension from the show. >> thank you for having me. congratulations on the success of your great new show. phil is a personal friend. we were friends before i was governor, before he had the show. we'll always be friends. he's a good man. he has love in his heart and wants even treated with respect and equality. here is where i think it is hypocritical of a & e, hollywood and the left. they say they are for diverse the ti, f ti, tolerance, opinions unless
9:44 pm
you agree with them. you don't have to agree with what he said or how he said it. you don't like it, flip the channel. watch another show. that's what's great about america. everybody has a right to their opinion, especially a religious opinion. i was very disappointed in a & e. you see a growing political correctness amongst the left. they say they are for tolerance and diversity but only if you agree with with them. >> they would rather shut down debate all together. we talked about it at the top of the show. our guest from glad argued some things are so vile that an employer like a & e has to do something about it. if you don't it's basically an endorsement of it. >> a & e is half owned by abc. i was shocked miley cyrus went on tv, did some shocking things. she's back -- she'll be on abc during the new year's eve day
9:45 pm
special. she's on tv and phil robertson is off? there is something wrong. a lot comes out of hollywood that i don't like. there is a lot i don't want my kids watching. a lot on the radio i don't want them to hearful it is my job to shield them. i wish i could trust. there is no so-called family hour anymore. a & e were courageous to put the show on the air in the first place. i wish they said, you don't have to agree. switch the channel. don't buy the duck calls if you don't like it. >> you mentioned miley cyrus earlier. how can a governor compare miley cyrus twerking behaving in an r-rated manner with a man in some people's view, we played the statement. in some people's view he compared homosexuality to beastiality. in the same breath he talked about them both as sins. >> look, the bigger issue is not what he said or how he said it. the bigger issue here is about
9:46 pm
religious liberty, about the first amendment and the right to speak up and say what you believe. >> the first amendment. they have a right to -- i'm not sure saying they should do what they did. there are some who say we disagree. i think there is an ongoing assault for those speaking up for religious beliefs. there are those who aren't politically correct who don't agree with the extreme left. it would have shown more class, character and courage for a & e saying, they don't have to endorse what they said. he's the star of a show. he has the views. wouldn't we be better with the debate? say why you disfree or change the channel. don't watch them. my boys love the show.
9:47 pm
>> the views shouldn't have come at a big surprise to a & e. he'd been outspoken before. a & e looks the worst because some accuse them of being hypocritical or situationally ethical. great to see you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, megyn. >> here to weigh in mark hannah, lease wheel and andrew wilco. let's start with a & e. he feels this way? who do they think they are kigd. >> it's like charlie sheen and "two and a half men." that's a character he played. >> who are they kidding? >> talking about a reality star who does duck calling. nothing against that. it's a huge big hit. he said coarse things wrote agree with. but should he get fired over it? absolutely not. >> he's a celebrity and a public figure. he's learning that his statements have consequences.
9:48 pm
what i thought was interesting about governor jindal's comments with was a & e can tell them to change then channel. obviously he's never worked for a major television company. that's the last thing they want the audience to do. >> they are going to lose viewers either way. >> if the viewers are so outraged that they are getting rid of the main character they have to speak up and agitate. the irony here of bobby jindal who is a representative of the government trying to coerce a & e, a member of the free press using first amendment -- >> no, no. no coercion there. >> let me just finish. >> he didn't even say it on a & e. he said it in a magazine article where he was asked his opinion of sin and scripture. this was not a function -- >> he works with publicists and knows the audience of gq. come on. >> they shouldn't have invited them then.
9:49 pm
they knew what they were getting. >> they may have set him up. >> the first amendment doesn't apply. it's not the government shutting it down. the bedrock of the first amendment is the answer to speech you don't like is not less speech. it's more speech. the governor's point is that too often we hear something we find offensive and instead of engaging in a meaningful back and forth we hurl terms like racist, homophobe and it shuts down the debate. >> it doesn't apply and the government isn't involved here. the idea is to invite speech. to invite dialogue. >> a & e has the right to say we don't want to have that dialogue. >> drop the franchise and see who picks it up.
9:50 pm
>> if you read between the lines they may say you get rid of patriarch, we'll get rid of you. we'll see. you have to register monday to get coverage by january 1. first lady michelle obama shared her thoughts on the affordable care act next. there is a question about how she's weighing in. we'll talk about it. and "hannity" at the top of the hour. >> to get rid of the most popular patriarch on television today, there are other networks that would nab them up in a that would nab them up in a heart beat.♪ [ female announcer ] can you heal a broken heart with a bundt cake? of course you can! even if that heart was broken by zack peterson. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house.
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health care , obamacare is a good thing. it's something that i want every
9:54 pm
american to have access to. we shouldn't live in a country this rich, right? where people are choosing between their rent or their medicine. where kids aren't getting the immunizations they need. they aren't getting the nutrition information they need to stay healthy. >> that was michelle obama helping the white house sell obamacare. our power panel is back to weigh in. it's interesting because just one of the examples, kids aren't getting the immunizations they need. the government has long promoted immunizations -- that's the straw man. kids were getting immunized even prior to obamacare. the question is why is michelle obama now doing this? your thoughts. >> first of all, calling it obamacare was racist? we're allowed to call it obamacare now? we were told calling it obamacare had racial connotations. >> that was a cable news host on
9:55 pm
another channel. >> they are make it sound like if the government doesn't do something it won't be done. it's either always from the government or everyone will get sick and die. that's not the case. we don't have that situation. to speak as if kids will go without it. >> she was talking about her daughter when she was young being sickly, getting meningitis. all this stuff. as a personal thing, a mom to mom. it's just not as complicated at the big words you were using. they are putting her as the face of moms out there to convince moms. >> we have feedback on this. some of the viewers are e-mailing. she understands how moms live and work. a lot of moms are ticked off about banl and premiums going up. other moms say i would love to spend hours chatting with
9:56 pm
friends in the store. i have to work, buy groceries and i don't want to talk about obamacare while i get the cucumbers and the carrots. >> moms are deathly afraid and protective of kids. i'm not a mom. i know you have three little ones at home. but what she is appealing to here is the basic foundation on a kre ycellular level of protecting the kids. >> great thoughts. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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a lot of these stories require follow ups. set your dvr for tomorrow. follow me on twitter with your thoughts @megyn kelly. good night. welcome to "hannity." tonight the most popular show on television, "duck dynasty" is dealt a major blow by the a & e network because phil robertson dared to his his religious opinion on homosexuality but here free speech is allowed. double standards. how the left gets a pass when it comes to using their controversial rhetoric. >> you can't go to a 7-11 or a dunkin donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> should you be punished for fait


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